Momentous Moments of Metal and Mortification This Friday!

In honor of “If You Like Metallica…” by Mike McPadden, please mentally mosh as for an evening of HEAVY METAL TRAUMA readings.

The following rock-n-roll reprobates will sound off on awesome/atrocious/humiliating/hilarious personal events connected to the might, merriment, and malevolence of Heavy Metal.

• Mike McPadden (If You Like Metallica…, Heavy Metal Movies)
• Mike Edison (Dirty! Dirty! Dirty!, I Have Fun Everywhere I Go)
• Julianne Smolinski (MTV, xoJane)
• Christine Colby (Penthouse Magazine)
• Rachel McPadden (xoJane)
• Dean Rispler (Drug Front Records)
• Judy McGuire (Official Book of Sex, Drugs, and Rock-N-Roll Lists, Seattle Weekly)
• Charly Roth (The Liza Colby Sound)
• LC von Hessen (Mass Culture, Propagandist Productions)
• Sean Sakamoto (The Existential Weather Report)
• Lilah Wild (Goddess of Thunder)
• Meirav Devash (Allure)

Special Guest: David Szulkin aka Dave Depraved (Blood Farmers, Grindhouse Releasing)

Eat like hell at the 666 BURGER truck parked outside!


“If You Like Metallica…” and other incendiary literature by our various participants will be available to purchase.

And for those of you who don’t know, Duff’s Bar is fucking awesome. You would have a good time whether this awesome event was going on or not. So come out and rock!

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Upcoming Appearances

So my guest spot DJing at Arkham has been bumped from July 28th to what looks like will now be September 8. But Father Jeff will be at the controls that evening, you’ll be in good hands. Also the venue has now moved on to Don Pedro, so off to Williamsburg we go.

Also! September 7th will be a night of heavy metal memoiring at Duff’s, hosted by Mike McPadden, author of the upcoming tome Heavy Metal Movies: The 666 Most Headbanging FIlms of All Time from Anvil to Zardoz. I haven’t written my piece yet, but right now it’s looking like “How Lilah Got Her Groove Back, With Help from Balsac Jaws of Death.”