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Interview with Jocelyn Paige Kelly of Realizing Your Creative Life

Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jocelyn Paige Kelley: creativity coach, hypnotherapist, and fellow writer.

A snippet:

How does sexuality, gender and music influence the themes within your work?
With the sex scenes, I wanted artistic or spiritual intimacy to happen before anything physical, especially in the relationship Danae has with Alex, because he’s the one who really starts her down the road of music. There is a certain vulnerability in practicing magick with someone else, or opening up your singing voice for the first time, it’s letting your guard down and trusting them. I used all this as a form of foreplay.

As far as gender though, there is romance, but it’s secondary to the adventure. There are other appetites Danae has besides sex and love that need to be satisfied – writing better songs, traveling to different cities, finding her family, learning different forms of magick, the whole question of Do You Dare More which won’t be answered if she decides to stay in her current situation. Pam, Alex, Devon, and Dahlia are all love interests, but each one reveals a different piece of her identity that she would have not have found on her own. All friends do this to some degree, but romance is an electrified form of friendship where you’re really going to find shit out. I wanted these relationships to have a lot of substance beneath them so there’s more going on than sex sex sexxay sex – they’re part of her quest, but not the quest itself.

The practice of magick in genre fiction, wielding the powers of death metal to annihilate writer’s block, and more, here.