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Meet the Cover Artist: The Haunting Postpunk Photography of Eugene Merinov

So, one of the biggest challenges for publishing my novel was finding cover art. This was a hurdle that could have stopped the whole process dead if I hadn’t run across an image on Flickr that I absolutely adored – and discovered a photographer who’s done beautiful work chronicling the CBGB’s scene in NYC from 1977 through 1981.

Eugene Merinov’s online gallery is a treasure trove of great bands caught in the heat of performance, right when their careers were just beginning. Bright lights, rawness and hunger, you can practically feel the perspiration leaking out of these photographs.

“I came out of those shows drenched in sweat and shaking all over.”

There is so much going on in this picture that captures what I was going for in Goddess of Thunder. A small, grimy stage that is most definitely not the terrain of Mary Sue Rockstar – whatever’s going on here, this band is going to have to earn it. Classic 80′s black tights and ankle boots and pyramid studs, a peek of lace, not a fancy costume at all and very likely thrifted. And that stance: there’s a smoking hotness factor here, but it’s not from fishnets and stilettos and vamping for the crowd. It’s because there’s power behind those legs.

Immense gratitude to Eugene for the use of this image. Sweaty girls off in the night howling their hearts out, really, a picture does say a thousand words. Or in my case, one hundred thousand of them.

Click here to see just whose legs those are…not vamping for the crowd, indeed. And check out the rest of Eugene’s gallery for a loud, energetic slice of New York Back In the Day.